If your policy includes Halodoc, follow the below instruction : 

1. Cashless :

Step 1. 

- Download Halodoc

- Log in / sign up with phone number or email 

- Input phone number

- Click the profile menu

- Fill in the completeness of profile data

Step 2. Link Health Insurance

- Click the profile menu

- Select Link your insurance                        

- Click your Insurance logo

- Fill the data: insurance member id, insurance card id, policy insurance number, member name, and DOB

- Click Link now

- insurance is successfully linked and outpatient treatment on Halodoc using cashless payments it can be start

2. Reimburse :

- Use Halodoc services (consulting doctor, medicine recommendation, medicine delivery)

- Download softcopy file from Halodoc app (halodoc consultation receipt, Halodoc doctor diagnosis, and Halodoc medicine receipt)

- Open Aman mobile application + click submit claim

-  Fill in claim data

-  Upload all halodoc receipt documents

-  Click Submit and the claim reimbursement submission is successfully